The Mandala Dot Painting course was a gift to myself during the spring break. I had a busy period and needed to do something for myself.

Joyce explains all stages of dotting / marking in a clear way.

The moment I started to put dots I became more and more enthusiastic and I got more energy, but I also came to rest physically and mentally. Dotting has given me an escape from the “real” world.
When I start practicing / making a Mandala I am “suddenly” just away for a few hours. My head is wonderfully empty and when I look at the result I am often satisfied. I can no longer stop dotting …

Super fun and informative online course . Good and quick support given by Joyce. I am glad I took this course, a whole new dot world opened up for me!

- Nina -

I’m glad I did the course. After 2 intense years in my life, starting mandala dot painting is now giving me peace and creativity. I was searching how to use the materials and how to make a design. The course is clear and well-organized, well-designed. Great for the beginning dotter.

- Sandra -

Highly recommending this course. Well explained and clear examples. It is really addictive.

- Inge -

I took the course mandala dot painting by Joyce. I always looked at it with admiration but really didn’t know where to start. Through the course I now know that. I find it very meditative to dot paint, it gives peace of mind. Delicious!

It has a very clear and pleasant set-up and it is a good basis to start with dot painting. . I enjoy doing it very much! Thank you so much for this course and for encouraging me in my new addiction!

- Gwendolyn -

Highly recommended! After a rather busy period I have picked it up again! Very clear explanations and there is always room for questions. Very nice!

- Geeke -

For me, dot painting is a meditation session. It makes me relaxed and more concentrated. The world is gradually shifting to the background and in this way I step out of the run of daily life to an island of tranquility. I prefer to dot on stones. The inspiration to create other patterns also starts to show itself.
It is a great way to return to my own creative ‘base’. It is a very user-friendly and good course. Worth the effort!

- Rietje -