Are you looking for peace?

Discover what dot painting can mean for you

Are you looking for peace, relaxation or time for yourself?
Or do you wish to get a better hang of mandala dot painting?

Then you’ve come to the right address!

Dot painting is a form of painting in which you paint an object with dots. This can be in the form of a mandala form. This form of painting is very soothing.

In this course you will learn the basics of mandala dot painting and how you can then apply this technique on many other objects, such as; stones, pendants, candles, vases etc.

Browse on this website, I’ll tell you everything about it!

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With love, Petra

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For me, Dot painting is a meditation session. It makes me relaxed and also more concentrated. The world is gradually shifting to the background and in this way I step out of the run of daily life to an island of tranquility. I prefer to dot on stones. The inspiration to create other patterns also starts to show itself.
It is a great way to return to my own creative ‘base’. It is a very user-friendly and good course. Worth the effort!