Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try the course for free first?

To get an impression of how an online course works and how it is structured, I created an introduction course ‘Mandala Dot Painting’.
You can register for this free of charge.

How much does this course cost?

The full course costs about $55. But I have a temporary 33% discount of this price. If you also want to purchase materials, you will receive a discount on the course. Look in the webshop for the different packages. Enter your country in the checkout on my store to see the price in your own currency. I have regular promotions, so everyone has the opportunity to follow the course.

If I purchase the course now does that mean I have to start immediately?

No, certainly not, you can start whenever you want. You have unlimited access to the course. So you can also start in a few months. That way you can be sure of an offer.

I bought the course and now?

If you have purchased the course through the webshop you will receive your login details within one hour if you do not got it from my platform. If you already have this, you will receive a welcome email with the link to the course (attention: check also your spamfolder). If you have not received an email within an hour, please contact me. Then I will check if anything went wrong.

What is covered in the course?

The following chapters will be included in the course:

Introduction: Acquaintance, the learning environment, community, background.
Basic materials: Paint, tools, other necessities, shopping list.
Preparation: Surface, preparing paint, technique.
Practicing: Dot, patterns, layers.
Start painting: Preparation, let’s do it!, Finishing.
Bonus: Deepening: Other patterns, other ideas, tips & tricks, mandala stones, spread the love.

Can I follow the course on a smartphone?

Sure! You can follow the course both on a computer and on a smartphone.

How do I get guidance during the course?

You follow the course in an online environment. I will guide you through the whole process by looking at your work through photos and I’m always available for questions. Because I only speak Dutch, this course was translated by someone else into English. The support you will get from me will therefore be in Dutch or in English. Do you want to know how this works? Then it is best to register for the free introduction course. You can do it here.

What do I get more out of this course than in tutorials on the internet?

Everyone works in his own way and finds other things pleasant. In this course you will learn to work according to my method, but you will also learn how to see if your paint is prepared properly according to your own standards.

All knowledge and tips & tricks are processed to a coherent whole that will walk you through it step by step This makes it very manageable and because it’s all in one place you can easily look things up afterwards.

You decide when you start, when you work and how much you will take in at once, Depending on your energy level. You will have unlimited access to the online environment.

In the online environment there is a community where you will find fellow students whom you can ask questions, share tips or just have a cosy chat with.

You’d think that there is no possibility for feedback, well think again! You can very easily upload pictures of your work allowing me to give you tips so you can achieve a good result.

Even though this is an online course you can always ask me questions. You will have unlimited access to the online environment and you can therefore ask me questions at any time. This is not limited to the time you’re following the course.

I want to learn how to make mandala stones, is this course suitable for this?

Yes, absolutely! In this course you will learn the basics of mandala dot painting. We will start out on canvas because this is the easiest way to get the hang of it. This same method you can then apply on rocks but also on many other items, such as necklaces, vases, wooden panels etc.

What are the costs of the materials?

In this course I will first tell you what you need and how you can acquire it as cheaply as possible. I estimate that it will cost you around $15,- to $20,- on materials to get started on the course. You can order the materials directly with course. You will receive a discount on the course. Look for the materials or the packages including the course in the webshop.

Do I have to purchase the materials before the course starts?

You can order the materials directly when purchasing the course in my webshop. If you want to purchase the materials yourself, you can better wait. First look at the information about the materials, so you can make a targeted choice in the things you want to buy and which not.

I have medical issues with my hands, is it possible for me to follow the course?

There is no easy answer. It all depends on what the issues are. The tools are held in the same way you would hold a pen/pencil and you don’t have to exert any pressure on it.

Do you also give live workshops?

Unfortunately, it is not mentally possible for me to give the workshop live. This is very unfortunate, because working together is a lot of fun. The online course has

the advantage that I can tell you much more than in a workshop because we are not tied to a time limit of, for example, 3 hours. You will have unlimited access to the online environment. By By sending in photos you get unlimited guidance, even after the course! You can always keep asking questions. A final advantage is that you can do it in your own time wherever and whenever you want, even if your energy level is not high. You can do a small piece every time.