English Course ‘Dot Painting’


My name is Petra Smulders and i love being creative, inspire people and be inspired by others.

Welcome to the Mandala Dot Painting course online. Where you can learn so much more than just Dot Painting!
I have taken over this wonderful online course from Joyce Funcke (she is the one you can see in the video’s) in 2022.
I am really happy to continue our journey of creativity and spread the passion and the creative ideas to you.

To folow this online course you only have to use a minimum of materials. In the course i give you lots of information how to get the materials and you can choose which materials work for you.
We start practicing on a small canvas to learn how to work on a flat surface. But just have a look in the Introduction Course!
You can subscribe to the FREE Introduction Course if you click on the button below.  

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Everyone works in their own way and likes different things. In the course you will learn to work according to my method, my way of working with these techniques. But you will also learn how to see for yourself whether your paint has been properly prepared according to your wishes. 

Step by step

All knowledge, tips and tricks have been processed into a coherent whole that you will go through step by step. This makes it very clear and because it is located in one place you can always easily look up things later. 

Your own time

You can decide when you get started and how much knowledge you take in at once. You can decide that yourself in your own time. You have unlimited access to the online environment. 


You would thing that there is no possibility for feedback. But nothing could be further from the truth. You can easily upload photos of your work so that i can give you tips and tricks for you to make your work even better.
Believe me we can always learn more from eachother.

Need help?

Although it is an online course you can always ask me questions nog just while going through the lessons. You can use the online environment unlimited.