Online Course


Everyone works in his own way and finds other things pleasant. In this course you will learn to work according to my method, but you will also learn how to see if your paint is prepared properly according to your own standards.

Step by Step

All knowledge and tips & tricks are processed to a coherent whole that will walk you through it step by step This makes it very manageable and because it’s all in one place you can easily look things up afterwards.

In your own time

You decide when you start, when you work and how much you will take in at once, depending how much time and energy you have at that moment. You will have unlimited access to the online environment.


In the online environment there is a community where you will find fellow students whom you can ask questions, share tips or just have a cosy chat with.


You’d think that there is no possibility for feedback, well think again! You can very easily upload pictures of your work allowing me to give you tips so you can achieve a good result.


Even though this is an online course you can always ask me questions. You will have unlimited access to the online environment and you can therefore ask me questions at any time. This is not limited to the time you’re following the course.


To participate in the course you will only need a few basic supplies. In this course I will give you tips on how you can acquire your materials as cheaply as possible. Of course, I will also give you information on more expensive supplies. This way you can make it as expensive as you like, but note that only a few euros to a few tenners, will take you a long way. You can also order the materials directly with the course. You will get a discount on the course.
For your castings and moulds i advise you to get them at Devon Dotting, Kate really is the mould queen :). Do not forget to mention my name. (There will be a discount code for the students of the online course!). 

In order to master the basics on a flat surface, we will start this course by using a small canvas or canvas panel. In the bundle ‘Bonus: Deepening’ I will give tips on how to paint mandalas on stones and how to acquire these stones.

Start today!

Discover today how relaxing and meditative Dot Painting is!